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StickWarsThe concept of StickWars first began on the PC as an addictive Adobe Flash formatted game found on various flash based video game websites. That concept has now landed itself onto mobile applications such as the iPhone and iPod Touch. The object of StickWars is to use your fingers and other weapons to defend your fortress in a fast paced action game.


Developed by John E. Hartzog, StickWars is a very fast action game requiring you to tap and flick your finger across the screen very rapidly. Because of this required gesture, I found myself skewing the iPhone in my hands in order to make it easier on my finger. Grabbing enemies to place them in the prison was somewhat difficult too while archers were present as the archers would kill them too quickly. The game allows you to kill the enemy with assistance from bombers, archers, wizards, and more. There are an unlimited number of rounds but survival in the single digits (around level 45) can be somewhat unbearable. Killing enemies by deploying bombs is easy to do (uses your available prisoners) and you have the option of using the bomb icon in the lower portion of the screen or physically shaking the iPhone. I do not like shaking the iPhone (similar to the update feature of Facebook) because it forces you to take your finger away from the screen, allowing your fortress to be attacked. Wizards offer an instant capture feature later on in the game but you must have a minimum of 20 before you can use their ability. You earn money by killing enemies and capturing enemies, however there is an upkeep cost associated with archers. StickWars also allows you to upgrade your fortress’ walls.

The graphics and animations of the game are good but are somewhat plain. There’s no sound track available but you can use your iPod to play music. The sound effects are only present when you kill or throw an enemy and can also be disabled entirely. When an archer kills an enemy there is no sound effect available and I would have preferred to have one present. The game also limits you to capturing one prisoner at a time at 10 second intervals. StickWars offers an adjustable difficulty level as well as an online high score ranking system. I did not experience any lag throughout the game but the game did crash once in the middle of a very large siege.


1. Save up prisoners for bombers. You’ll want to save your prisoners for major bombing runs when you reach the higher levels of StickWars (starting at about level 20). To capture a prisoner, pick them up and toss them into the prison located behind your fortress walls. You are limited to capturing one prisoner every 10 seconds.

2. Use the bomb button. Instead of using the iPhone’s accelerometer and shaking it to generate the bomb explosion, use the bomb button located in the lower right portion of the screen. This method is much faster but watch out for the number of prisoners you have. Don’t get trigger happy.

3. Maintain a proper balance of archers. Make sure you don’t have too many archers in the earlier levels of StickWars. Archers require an upkeep and the cost associated with them can sometimes prevent you from upgrading or repairing your fortress.

4. 20 Wizards, or else. You must have at least 20 wizards at your disposal in order to use their instant capture feature by double tapping the screen.

5. Kill Siege weapons faster. Siege weapons take many taps to kill them individually. Use bombers, archers or wizard spells to kill them off faster and prevent them from reaching your fortress.

6. Ouch my finger hurts! If your finger gets tired of flipping up, turn your iPhone upside-down and flick down.

7. The sky’s the limit. You don’t need to flick the invaders into outer space to kill them off. As long as their feet touch the blue sky, when they fall, they’ll perish.

8. Short prison time. You can toss an invader into prison right before the level is up and he will still count as a prisoner. He doesn’t have to be in there for the full length of the timer.


StickWars is rated for children ages 9 and up and sells for $0.99. Overall, if you are a fan of the original stick killing flash based games then StickWars is a new channel of entertainment for you on the iPhone or iPod Touch.


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  • capture them!

    i cant put prisoners into the prison, because there isnt one on my screen?? how do i change this? or fix it or maybe i have it wrong?… PLEASE REPLY!!

  • Drew S.

    you have to buy the prison first SMART ONE!

  • DREW S.

    buy a prison and it will work

  • Unf

    I think you must buy a prisob first!

  • J.J.

    Wow did u really forget to buy a prison wowwww!

  • kokok

    the cheats dont work

  • chris

    how do you kill the dragons with the fireballs

  • kobw

    how do you use the wizards

  • scubasteve

    to kill a dragon you touch the wizard and pull the fireball to the left and let go. it should go through the air and kill it. if you tap two fingers close to eachother at the same time it will make a meteor come down.(but this wont kill a dragon, you must use a fireball) im at level 136 and now it just gets insane with nonstop dragons. to use the cheatcode you must pause gameplay, then tap the center of the screen six times quickly. you should hear a mans voice yell cheater. this will give you fifty thousand dollars and fifty prisoners.

  • desperate

    wazz the soundtrack!??!!?!? someone tell me plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • animia

    im following the instructions but cant kill the dragon?can anyone help?

  • Bob

    When I make lots of archers only one appears. Why is this?

    • Joezersdoom 3

      it’s because you need 10 archers to get oneĀ and because they don’t have space.

  • Thisisariel

    How do I get my archers to fightt

    • Brianbraccini1234

      They atomaticly fight for you

  • Brianbraccini1234

    Stick wars has money to buy extras. How do you get that type of money?

    • Joezersdoom 3

      buy it or buy apps for it.

  • Chunbeum

    how do u save your game?

  • Matthew_tran07

    how do we use the archery?

  • Bebbles24

    How do we buy archers