Flight Control Review and Tips

By on Apr 27, 2009 at 7:02 am

Flight ControlAvailable for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, Flight Control places you in the control tower of a high traffic air port as an air traffic controller. Developed by Firemint, Flight Control is an exciting game that features 4 different types of aircraft including helicopters and challenging rewards.


I found Flight Control to be a fun and challenging game. The difficulty level rises pretty quickly once you land 20 or so airplanes. I actually found it to be slightly frustrating when my planes kept intersecting paths and crashing into each other, where redirecting the plane in mid flight was not an easy option. However that is the purpose and challenge to this game. The graphics and animations are incredibly smooth and iPhone’s performance was not sacrificed. The game soundtrack is upbeat and reflects all of the iPhone’s sound controls. Overall, Flight Control is a quick, fun, and addictive game that let’s you experience the hair standing moments of an air traffic controller.


1. Draw your lines carefully. Plan a route of attack when you draw your courses for the aircraft. Don’t just send an airplane directly to the runway because inevitably there will be another aircraft intercepting your path with a shorter route.

2. Watch your right side. Be on the look out for aircraft on the right hand portion of the screen. They will suddenly appear and either be in the way of an airplane trying to land on the runway or force you to create an over extended route, possibly interfering with other aircraft.


I would recommend this app strategy lovers who are both kids and adults of all ages. Young and old, everyone can have the opportunity to become an air traffic controller. Flight Control sells for $0.99.


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  • chris

    I bought this game and played it for a little while… personally I didn't get it the appeal. Seemed challenging enough, though.