Is the iPhone 3G S Waterproof?

By on Jun 26, 2009 at 12:47 am

A chap by the name of Khena was testing out the new video feature on his brand new iPhone 3G S and accidentally dropped it in the pool.  He dove in to grab it, and much to his surprise it recorded the entire belly flop incident without fail.

“I actually have one of those rubber covers and put a lanier through the hole for the headphones to avoid doing exactly what I did. Maybe the rubber cover helped as well, who know, but I’ll definitely use it everytime from now on! LOL.  Phone still working fine with no issues whatsoever. I’m probably the luckiest guy alive!!!”

The video was posted to YouTube on June 20th and as of today, 6  days later, he states “it still works fine.”

Unbelievable… I have a feeling that whatever case he has for his phone, combined with a lot of luck saved his phone, because I don’t believe it is at all waterproof!  Watch the video… he claims it is not a fake.  And kids, don’t try this at home.

YouTube Preview Image

[CNET via The Independent]


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  • Brit

    Our Spanish Pastor dropped his 3G iphone (no case) in a kiddie pool while playing with the kids and did not realize it was in the pool. He walked off and one of his kids brought it to him later. So it was underwater for several minutes. He said he took out the SIM card and tapped it several times and water poured out of every opening. He tried to make a call and the screen went crazy and the call failed. He thought it was fried, but he turned it off and let it dry out for a couple of days and it worked fine after that. So it is possible to save them, but it would be even better if Apple would provide a way to remove the battery as that can fry an electronic device very quickly if you are unable to remove the power source while it is wet. Even more amazing he bought this Thursday before the announcement of the new 3GS, and so he took it to AT&T that Monday of the announcement and told them that it had been underwater but was working. They checked it out and said that as long as it was working they could take it back and he could trade up to the new 3GS since he had just bought it the previous week. He turned it in and they placed an order for the new phone, which he now has and loves.

  • Atheos

    Pretty sure this vid is fake, my YouTube published iPhone vids are skinnier in with than this plus the picture quality with all that frantic movement just looks to fishy for me anyway.

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