Apple iPad: Missing Features

By on Jan 27, 2010 at 12:51 pm

There’s no doubt that the upcoming Apple iPad will kick the asses of all netbooks, tablet PCs, and e-readers, but it’s by far the perfect unit that we had hoped for from Apple. But then again, neither was the original iPhone.

How could it have been better?

Here’s a list of things we felt strongly about. Post yours in the comments section below. Please keep the tampon maxi-pad jokes to a minimum.

1. No camera. Video conference calls over Skype or iChat with a front-facing hidden iSight camera would have been a killer feature. Apple did announce 30-pin connector accessories like an external keyboard, however there’s been no mention of an external video capture device. Hopefully something is in the works. I personally feel they should have held off the launch of this until a built-in camera was available. #1 feature, completely missed — and will keep many from not buying. As Spock would say, this is quite illogical.

2. No phone. There’s 3G support, but no phone support? Perhaps VOIP is the answer.

3. AT&T only? The love/hate relationship between Apple and AT&T continues. Why, man, why?

4. Massive bezel. What’s the deal with the humongo black frame? My guess is usability tests showed that it was necessary (the way users held the iPad), but it sure doesn’t look as slick as if the screen met up with the edge of the case. It’s downright ugly.

5. No Flash. Mobile Safari still doesn’t support Flash. I suspect Apple’s mobile devices will be the death of Flash, and maybe that’s their intent? As a web developer myself, I avoid Flash or have to disable Flash for mobile devices for this very reason.

6. No multitasking. There’s still no multi-tasking support with their mobile operating system. Yikes!

7. Minimal storage. 64GB is the best they could do? What about support for network drives, memory expansion with an SD card slot (or something similar), or even tossing in a small hard drive?

8. No removable battery. Like all Apple products these days, there’s no way to change the battery. A trend that nobody likes except for Apple.

And finally, I’m a bit bummed that there was no mention at all about an iPhone update, or at the very least — an iPhone OS update. I realize that an hour and a half on the iPad left little time to discuss anything else–but it’s been a long while since we’ve had an iPhone or iPod Touch OS update. Throw us a bone, Stevie-baby!

Apple iPad Specs

Ok, I couldn’t resist! Just one maxi-pad joke please? This is priceless (from Mad TV, 2007):

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  • These are definitely some features that were killed in this product announcement.

  • xsn0w

    I completely agree that the #1 missing feature is the forward facing camera. I don't care about not being able to quickly take pictures or record video with a big awkward tablet, but I do want the ability to make video-conference calls on the go. This is the one feature that would have put an iPad in my hands. Without it, I will have to just "make do" with my 3GS and MacBook. Playing "Jet Car Stunts" on a big display could be really fun though! It says, "fully customizable" but not support for icon packs or more than 4columns/rows of icons. I enjoy Mac-style icons on my iPhone and looks like the jail-breakers will still be the ones to give us a "winterboard" and ability to run our apps in the background for the iPad. I hoped that this thing would be closer to a MacBook than an iPhone, or at least a perfect assimilation of the two, but unfortunately it lacks many of the features that a true hybrid should have! This day has been disappointing. C'mon Apple put 2-way vid conferencing in our hands! Looks like iSight is not 20/20!

  • Daniel

    If it had video conferencing I would buy one of these the second it came out but as it stands it's a big ipod touch so I maybe waiting for version 2.0 next year.

  • Keith

    I'm bummed. I am a HUGE iPhone fan and was looking forward to this device. I am very let down since I really see very little that this device can do that my iPhone cannot. Plus, with an $829 price tag for 64Gb and connectivity this device seems a bit pricy. Why pay all that for what amounts to nothing more then a big screen iPod touch? My iPhobe has a camera and GPS which this does not even have. So I just don't see it being a killer device in this incarnation. Add GPS, Video conference, removable battery, hard drive and a memory slot and then we are talking. but until then, it's just an oversized, overpriced iPod touch to me. Bummer.

    • Keith, the specs for the iPhone say "Assisted GPS" and for the iPad it states "Assisted GPS (Wi-Fi + 3G model)" so I would assume that means the iPad supports full GPS, as well as the iPhone does.

  • Rick

    I absolutely agree with the need for a camera. This will keep me from buying a first gen to see if they listen to everyone about this. When is iPhone tethering going to be available? This would prevent the need for the 3G version unless there are other compelling features of the 3G model.

  • Fred

    I agree guys! This device is next to useless if ya have an iPod Touch or an iPhone. I was looking forward to way more features than this is advertising, and with AT&T being the carrier, why not throw in phone capabilities? What exactly is AT&T carrying? I'll wait for the next gen. too guys! Big Bummer!!!

  • Atheos

    Very good list, it was OK to have a revolutionary product be missing some standard features but I don't think this will be as successful as the iPhone we will see what the apps do for that but still this is a pretty big fail and I think SJ screwed up with this one.

  • Mary Ann

    A big disappointment indeed. Great for media and games, but without flash support, web browsing will just be a frustrating experience…maybe someone will come up with a hack for that. LOL The biggest letdown of all was the lack of an iPhone OS update. I can deal with everything else, but I was so ready for an update. I wonder how much longer we all have to wait. =(

  • timmmmm

    Apple has to leave room for updates, future models and upselling of accessories. Apple has ALWAYS been the leader in Do you honestly think if Apple came out with the best possible iPad with everything thing that youre asking for straight out of the gate, that they'd be able to sell a different version later? We came from the 1st gen iphone to the 3Gs in 2 years. Do you honestly think that Apples marketing technique DIDNT involve holding off on key items like, speed(ram), a decent network speed(3g) and a video camera? You'd have to be retarded to think they arent PURPOSELY releasing the lamest version of the iPad on purpose so that within the next 2 years they can get you to buy the next gen. Just like millions of us did from the edge model Iphone, to the 3G, to the 3Gs. we all did it and Apple knows we'll do it again. Dumbasses… its what Apple does. They are scam artists or cheapskates. they are GENIUS'S(no pun intended)

  • monsterfilmer

    I was so excited for this but it was a huge letdown to know it has little more than my current iPod Touch. I will, however, be eagerly awaiting the copycats by companies such as sony, dell and HP. Then someone will figure out a way to install android and I'll be all over it!

  • Nothing more than an iPod touch on steroids. Apple never seems to give the consumers what they really want. Obviously a tactic to keep us coming back

  • CHL

    It makes me wonder if this was Apples original idea but instead released the the iPhone/Touch to test the waters. Outside of size they're are few differents between iPad and iPhone/Touch.

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