Pocket God Tips and Tricks: The Ultimate iPhone App?

By on Apr 26, 2009 at 4:41 pm

Pocket GodA lot of people question whether or not Pocket God is to-date, the ultimate gaming application for the Apple iPhone. Released in January of 2009, Pocket God quickly shot up through the charts to the number 1 spot in the app store where it remained for several weeks. Bolt Creative (the company behind the madness), developed a game where you play the role of god and have the option to either kill the islanders or let them survive. The company have released weekly updates since, with new “features” (basically new ways to kill the islanders) and each week there is a theme. Pocket God is currently $0.99 through the app store but will soon raise its price to $1.99. Is this game worth all the hype? Keep reading to find out.


Simply put, Pocket God is awesome and here’s why: the developers keep developing on a weekly basis. There’s nothing more cooler in the world than finding a new way to kill off a character each week. Another cool factor that goes into the development of new features is user feedback and requests. Bolt Creative have been listening to fans and are including the most requested features in their game.

Aside from being able to kill the islanders in many different ways from flicking them into a volcano, attacking them with ants, burning them under a magnifying glass, electrocute them with lightning, possession by a bat turning them into Dracula, feeding them to a shark, and much more, you also have the option to let them live by feeding them coconuts or fish (they cannot starve to death as of yet).

The game incorporates the iPhone’s accelerometer and allows you to control gravity. If you shake the iPhone you can generate an earthquake or if you turn the phone upside down quickly, they will fall endlessly into the sky. The same physics apply if you slant the iPhone side to side and cause the islanders to slide off the island into the ocean. You also have the choice to control the weather, creating hurricanes, lightning strikes, or volcanic eruptions.

Pocket God’s graphics are very smooth and there is zero lag in game play. The sound track is simple and creative and does not become an annoyance. You have the option to control the volume via the iPhone’s volume button as well as the silence all option. Bolt Creative have also integrated Feint chat, a leaderboard scale, the ability to name your islanders, and more. Overall, the performance of Pocket God is at a premium level.


1. Precision is key for the volcano. In order to make the volcano erupt you must knock the islanders into it first. This can be tricky at times. In order to do so, make sure the islander is towards the middle of the screen and drag your finger from below, aiming for the volcano. Do this three times and the volcano will erupt all over your island, burning the islanders.

2. Lightning Storms can be fun. In order to generate a lightning strikeĀ  you must first change the weather to storm clouds. (Do this by selecting the up arrow and the clouds icon or by sliding your finger across the sky). Then drag your finger from the sky to an islander and watch them roast.

3. Hurricanes need wind. To create a hurricane on the island, drag your finger in a circular motion side to side and watch the islanders fly in the air.

4. Falling objects from the sky can hurt. Group up your islanders together and drop a coconut on their head, watching it bounce around leaving them in confusion. Another evil trick is dropping a meteor on top of one of the islanders, leaving them stuck and helpless.

5. The count is back. In order to spawn the vampire bat, you must first bring up the moon. Then drag your finger downwards from the top of the moon, and watch him possess the islanders.

6. Jaws returns too. The shark can jump out of the water when you dangle an islander with your finger above him. You can also pick up the shark out of the water and drop him on an islander, knocking him in the water. The shark can pull an islander in while he’s fishing too. Just cast your line with the fishing pole and wait for the shark to pass by.

7. Red ants attack. In order to have the ants attack an islander, poke the anthill several times and drag your finger from the anthill to an islander.

8. Burn them alive. To burn the ants or islanders, just take the magnifying glass (change it out with the meteor in the menu) and hold it above them in direct sun light. The islanders will begin to sweat then ignite and burn.


I recommend Pocket God to everyone of all ages. The cartoon appearance provides pure entertainment for little children (I’ve watched a 3 year old play for hours) and allows for endless killing enjoyment. Another plus is the constant development by Bolt Creative and release of new updates each week. Currently the game costs $0.99 but Bolt will be raising the prices soon to $1.99. Now you can decide whether to be a friend or a foe?


Please post your comments, tips, and your own reviews below in the comments area!


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  • Sam Levitt

    You should be able to split the ground and have islanders fall through it when you create an earthquake. You should also be able to have a vampire pygmy bite an islander and drink its blood and or turn it into a vampire.

    • esa dopes

      that is allready made it is in the game allready the vampire thingy u talked about u smarty!! lol

      • Freakboy107

        Lol, Yeah, There's Vampires, But They Only Knock Other Islanders Into The Water, What Sam Levitt Is Talking About Is Vampires That Spread Their Disease Instead Of Just Knocking People Into The Water.

  • josht-d

    if u turn it upside down and add more people they jumps out of the bottom of the screen lol Best app ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • jordy95

    Can someone tell me how to get to the next level, I just got my app today…and im kinda confused?

  • Jason

    All of the episodes are already included. This means there are over 18 ways to torture and kill the pygmys. Just play with the app or look through our site for the other Pocket God updates.

  • Candy Cornn <3

    lol the next ones Surf up i got it now you can make them go under water and break there back by the spear of DEEATH XD GREAT GAME! ;D Good info bye the way :]

  • wero

    hey on the last update bout de ogga jump.. does someone know the height i need to jump to find the green doodle? please help!!!

  • Bampf

    I really didn't understand the appeal of this app when my son bought it, but it's one of the few that he constantly returns to. Here's another reason to like it: in a recent update they added a version of the game Doodle Jump, played in the clouds above the island!

  • rkfdsldkj

    thats an awesome idea (bolth)

  • Guest Guest

    i am on level 29 and i am stuck, also i cant quite figure out what the red star does. Please help?

  • Sam

    What do i drop in thE hole in lvl. 30?

  • Cole

    Roast a pigmy in the fire on the egg island and then transport to ice island, you will still have the burnt pigmy. then make the ice hole as usual and drop him in there

  • jhonjoejingleheimer

    FIRST have no Pygmies in egg island and zap the bird with the lightning.then put the bird in the fire pit and spawn logs and drop them on the bird and spawn a pygmy to make a fire.when he finishes another pygmy pops up and HE EATS HIM,and then he falls in the water.

  • Becca

    What r u guys talking about with levels have no idea that the game had levels please help!!!!!!

  • jdawgmassacrewhatever

    yeah me too. i didnt know there are levels. i just thought there were episodes that you update to get. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Jakepocketgodfan

    on one island you can bury the islanders and they come up as zombies you can turn them into ghosts by tapping them or tilting the ipod upsidedown. its awesome!

  • Dinrex0208

    You can petrify the pygmies by holding them over fire they turn to to stone! you can also summon a spider,dinosaur and ice monster turn them into zombies and ghosts you can kill them with a laser shark and burn them all by pressing the statue on ant island!

  • Taylor

    I think this website helps a lot but I still can’t figure out how to turn a Pygme to a vampire

    • Taylor

      Nevermind I found ir

  • TaylorDickinson78

    Alain invasion? Please explain

  • Jacob

    how do you somen the ice monster