How To Upload Videos to Facebook from iPhone 3G S

By on Jun 22, 2009 at 6:20 pm

PixelpipeWith the release of the iPhone 3G S and the iPhone 3.0 software comes the ability to not only shoot 30fps VGA video, but also edit it while on the device.  You can then upload directly to YouTube or Mobile Me using the “Send to MobileMe” and “Send to YouTube” buttons, or send as an email attachment.  But what about other services like Facebook, Flickr, Blogger, MySpace, Picasa, Revver, Shutterfly, SmugMug, Viddler, Vimeo, WordPress, and all the others?  Here’s how to do it, and yes–there’s an App for that!

Some services such as Flickr and Vimeo allow you to use the “Email Video” button to email your video to a unique email address tied to your account.  Once their server receives your email, it adds it to your account.  That’s definitely one way to do it, but there’s an even better way.  For those of you who are familiar with jailbroken iPhone Apps, you may be familiar with shooting video using the freely available video recorder app.  It worked great (not as good as the iPhone 3.0’s capabilities), but it too was limited by the ability to upload to popular video sharing sites.

The solution is a free App in the App Store that has been around since September 2008 called Pixelpipe.  It will take photos and videos stored on your iPhone and upload them to the services that you specify–currently over 75 services are supported.  In addition to the iPhone 3G S, they also support Nokia Share Online, Google Android, and the ability to upload your media via MMS and email, much like the aforementioned Flickr and Vimeo services.  I’m very excited to try this out once MMS is enabled by AT&T.  You can also use IM apps on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux to upload your content.  A full list can be seen here.

video too long to send errorThe Problem With Email Services

Here’s the problem with email-based upload services, including the one that comes with the iPhone 3.0 software.  It simply will not let you email large video file attachments.  If you try, you get a “Video Too Long to Send” error message.  That not only rules out emailing a video to a friend, but also emailing it to Flickr, Vimeo, and other services such as Posterous.  That’s not a 3G limitation either, sports fans, that nifty little error message also pops up if you’re on WiFi!

Pixelpipe FTW!

All it takes is a free account at the Pixelpipe website and a few minutes to configure the services that you want to upload to.  Once configured, just fire up the Pixelpipe App on your iPhone, select the videos or photos you want to upload, and let it rip!  You can even configure from within the Pixelpipe App which sites you want to enable for upload.

I tested this only with Facebook, and it worked like a charm.  Within a few minutes I reloaded my Facebook Wall and there it was, ready for all my friends and family to watch.  In addition to adding your own blog (which requires your domain name, login and password), the following 75 services are supported at this time:

75 Pixelpipe Supported Services, 23, 72photos, Adobe Share, Atom Blog, Bebo,, blogger,, Brightkite, Buzznet, Dailymotion,, DropShots, Drupal, facebook, flickr, Fotki, Foto Time, friendfeed, friendster, FTP, PHP Gallery, Google Talk, hi5,,, imageloop, ImageShack, imeem, ipernity, Jaiku, Kewego, Kodak, Gallery, Kwippy, Kyte, Livejournal, MetaWeblog, MobileMe, Moby, Movable Type, MySpace, Nokia Share on OVI, Phanfare, PhotoBox, Photobucket,,, Picasa, PictureTrail, Pikeo,,, Plerb, Plurk, Qipit, Radar, Revver, Scribd, Seesmic, Shutterfly, SmugMug, Snapfish, Snapmylife, Squarespace, Tinypic, Tumblr, TweetPhoto, Twitgoo, TwitPic, Twitter, TypePad, Viddler, Vimeo, Vox, Webshots, WordPress, Yfrog, Youare, YouTube, Zenfolio, ZoomIn, and Zoomr.  Whew! That’s quite a list, and I’m sure they’re adding more all the time so if the service that you want isn’t listed, ask them!

Even though it would be nice to have an “Send to Facebook” button within the Camera App itself, it’s unrealistic to think that Apple would support more than just a few core services such as YouTube and their own Mobile Me.  But thanks to the awesome development community, there alternatives and I’m sure this is just one of many that will be made available to mobile devices.

I found the Pixelpipe App very easy to use, and even gave me the option to enter a title for the video before uploading it.  There are options within the App to modify destonations, add new ones from the huge list of 75, warn you if you’re not on WiFi, setup default keywords, and more.  There’s also a tab to view the queue of your uploads so you know how much longer it’s going to take before they’re done.

The only problem is that it hasn’t been updated for the 3.0 iPhone software, so it has some quirky side-effects such as showing you a photo thumbnail of your video in addition to your video, and the video shows no thumbnail at all.  So each video is represented in the Pixelpipe media list as two items: a .JPG and a .MOV.  I hope to see this App updated soon to resolve this glitch.  What is happening is the iPhone saves two files when you create a new video: a .JPG to represent the video in your Camera Roll, and the .MOV video file itself.  Pixelpipe clearly needs to be updated to support this.

Go get yourself a copy of the free Pixelpipe App from the App Store and start sharing your videos right now!

July 5, 2009 Update: Pixelpipe has been updated to 1.4.2 and now correctly displays the thumbnails for iPhone 3G S.

July 21, 2009 Update: New apps are hitting the App Store, allowing you to upload videos to Facebook and other sites, but they are not free like PixelPipe.  Check them out: VideoUp for Facebook, VidPix for Facebook, and VideoUploader.



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  • michelle Buggy

    I found this out this morning after an exhaustive search! Wish I had come here first! The one thing to keep in mind is that after you add your service, you'll need to go to "edit account" and click on the links at the bottom to get permission from your service to upload. Just a security precaution some of the services require.

  • chris

    Updated June 24th: I added a "The Problem With Email Services" paragraph, and another para toward the end "The only problem is that…"

  • Ted

    I recently sent a video to my mac via email then posted on FB — FB turned my video sideways – perhaps due to long shape of camera. Does this solve that issue as well?

    • Ted, a friend of mine tried Pixelpipe and it also turned his video upside down… but I've now uploaded about 5 videos from my 3GS without any issues whatsoever. Not sure what might be causing that behavior!

  • PeterP

    HOW TO UPLOAD VIDEOS DIRECTLY FROM iPHONE 3G TO FACEBOOK Hello, to upload video on Facebook it is even easier, than I thought. You just send an email from your cell phone with video file attached to YOUR PERSONALIZED UPLOAD facebook email address. Here are the full instructions: A: Get Personalized Facebook Upload Email Address (you do this only once) 1. On your PC login to your facebook account 2. visit 3. On the left side you see "Upload Photos via Email" and your personalized email 4. On your iPhone go to Contacts, Add new contact (by clicking the "+" symbol on right). Name it "Upload Facebook" and set its email to "" – your personalized facebook upload email address. B: How to upload video (once you have set your Personalized Upload Address) 1. Record your video (e.g. by Cycorder) 2. Locate the video file on your iPhone (for example by iFile) 3. Attach this video file to an email (in iFile by clicking "edit" on top right, selecting video file and clicking the envelope button at the bottom") iPHONE 3GS users: Instead of steps 2-3 you just locate the video in Camera roll and choose "email video" 4. As Sender choose "Upload Facebook" contact, you have already created. 5. Set email subject (will be used as the caption of your photo or video). 6. Send. Enjoy ;-) PP

  • PeterP

    Hello, there is a new and easier way! Using PixelPipe application you can upload videos using nice GUI. iPhone 3GS > Install PixelPipe from AppStore. iPhone 3G > Install PixelPipe from AppStore and then PPVideoEnabler from Cydia. Enjoy Peter

  • Olle

    I have a problem with uploading videos to Facebook with the pixlepipe aplication. Uploading itself seems to work out fine, however on Facebook I cannot seem to find my uploaded video anywhere. I reconed it would be stored under "videos", but no. In pixlepipe settings my destination folder for uploads to Facebook is set to default. Does anybody know what to do or where to find these uploaded videos?

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  • Loka FreeThings

    Anyone know if there is an app to send videos through texts over WiFi or 3G iPhone?