Catcha Mouse Review, Tips and Solutions

By on Apr 21, 2009 at 2:01 am

There’s a great reason why Catcha Mouse is the #1 Free App in the Apple iTunes App Store.  It’s fun, easy to learn, and super addicting!  The goal is simple: trap a mouse as he jumps around in a grid-like fashion (think Q*bert).  If he jumps into one of the available holes, well then it’s all over for you!

While I initially got stuck and frustrated on one of the Medium levels, as soon as I figured it out, I was able to finish the entire game, including the extra levels, and went on to purchase “Catcha Mouse 2” for more game play.


The graphics and animations are great, and the ability for it to save your game no matter where you are is awesome and it works great.  I just have three complaints:

1. When you resume a game you click the “New” button which is a bit confusing.

2. The sound level cannot be adjusted by the game or the volume knob on your iPhone, so as a result the volume is incredibly loud, requiring you to enable the one sound control the app gives you: Sound Off!

3. There is an end to this game, so once you’ve completed all the levels, why keep it on your phone?

Suggestions to the Developers

It would be great if the developers (Odasoft) added more game play options such as a points system (perhaps with a global leader board), timed puzzles, and perhaps multiplayer option where you’re the trapper and your friend is the mouse!


1. Keep Mr. Mouse on his toes… set traps in front and behind, or beside him to change his direction. It’s amazing how much you can throw him off.

2. Close and far: Set traps close, or far away from the mouse.  Proximity can change his direction dramatically.

3. Fence him in!  Don’t let the challenge of the holes trick you.  Sometimes an extremely hard looking level can easily be solved by boxing in the mouse by setting a straight or diagonal line of traps.  As long as you can stay one step ahead of him, you’ll win every time!


I highly recommend this app… you can have hours of fun play with the Free version and if you want more, pony up 99 cents and buy Catcha Mouse 2.


If you get stuck, go to our Catcha Mouse Solves page.  Hope they help you out!


Please post your comments, tips, and your own reviews below in the comments area!


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  • Oli

    Level 19 hard please? Thanks

  • needhelp

    help with 29 please

  • LemonJello

    Believe it or not, I'm stuck on Level 30 MEDIUM! I can't get it! Sad, I know…but any help would be appreciated!

    • anonymous

      me toooo!!!

  • Jello, that's sad! haha j/k After I finish documenting the hard levels with the amount of detail I just did (with the numbers marking the moves) I'll go back through medium and hit that one up for you if someone doesn't beat me to it. Maybe I'll sick Jason on that one…

    • Alana

      where are the numbered hard levels? I have found soo many for level 29 hard, but none had numbers!!! I NEED TO KNOW WHERE THEY ARE!!!!!!!

  • I deleted all of the screens for level 14 hard because I re-did it in one single image. I also uploaded similar numbered solves for hard levels 8-13. In the list of images above, click the "Next Page" link to view the new solves which are the darker images. More to come…

  • Rachel

    Yes please help on level 29 hard. Thnx!

  • I'm working on posting the solves for 15, 19, and 29 hard. So be sure to subscribe to this comments page or the feed at so you don't miss it!

  • LemonJello

    I know, I can't help it! I suck! lol….but thank you for replying and I'll wait for a solution patiently! Thanks for this page, it's really helpful!

  • Chanel

    Level 30 medium is the death

  • George

    I agree about Level 30 medium. Can anyone post a solution? At this point, I don't think it's possible!

  • Ed Burnette

    Thanks, I finally made it through hard15 with what seems like a nonsensical move. Still trying to grok the mouse’s algorithm. He passes up some obvious winning moves on the hard levels, otherwise they would be impossible. Now I’m stuck on Catcha2 hard49. I wish I could skip a level and come back to it. Also I want to play as mouse in solo mode since nobody around me has the game. Oh well, it’s still a cute diversion and it gets me recommendation.

  • celia

    I am stuck on level 24 hard! Can you help

  • Basti

    level 33 hard

  • caitlin

    level 31 med plz

  • Olli

    PLEASE LEVEL 29!!! I can't find the solution! PLEASE HELP!!

  • Bill

    ok ok we need a pic of how to do level 24 (hard) like step by step

  • Bill

    we needdd level 24 help!

  • Bill

    alrighty we got it now we need 25

  • Leela

    I really need help with level 31 medium please, its driving me crazy

  • Qabian

    I need help with level 57(Hard), can someone help me please? Thnx a lot!!!

  • Qabian

    Sorry i mend level 59 (Hard)… Hope someone will know how!

  • Appohilic

    Wish i could help you, but have only just gotten the App and really havent got very far with it yet. I'll post here when i do tho.

  • charlene

    26 pleasee

  • Tracy


  • warm

    show picture hard level 31,please

  • Veronica

    It's not sad (comment on level 30 of medium) since that is propably 6 or so of hard. In my case, I'm stuck with level 9 of hard, which is exactly identical to level 33 of easy (where I got stuck as well, obviously….)

  • ALIX

    please post number 4 hard PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ALIX

    NEVER MIND NUMBER 4 NUMBER 5 PLEASE …. HELP…. ME….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KIM

    number 6 please

  • jackson

    number 7 hard

  • tooty frooty

    hahaha i finished it catch a mouse all of it then i did all the extra lvls (wich are 13 lvls in that) without any help but then i decided that i wanted to ree do it so i did but then forgot lvl 14 so i had to get help :(

  • michelle

    i cant find a solution for level 24 Hard! HELP ME PLEASE! i'll be your BFF! lol

  • Michael

    I spent hours on a Catchamouse level trying to figure it out with logic, just as I had successfully done using logic in the previous levels. It seemed impossible. Then just messing around and not trying, I noticed the mouse passed up an obvious winning move, which was the only reason I was eventually able to get through the level. I thought this game was all about logic, but it turns out it's sometimes about logic, sometimes not. When it's not about logic, it turns into a pure guessing game, with the player having to guess what the programmers were thinking. I have better things to do with my time than that. Either make a purely logical decisions based game, or make a guessing game. The two do not mix well in my opinion. It's like mixing the scientific method with guessing. It takes the fun out of both. I will get my money back for this so called game.

  • Sahi

    Plz level 65 hard